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One-Stop Shopping: Ohr-O'Keefe Museum Store is a Popular Showplace for Mississippi Artists (By Thomas B. Harris, Mississippi Press Register, 2011) 

...On the more conventional side, the Ohr-O’Keefe museum store carries handcrafted Lil McKH Jewelry in sterling silver or gold. 

The artist, Lil McKinnon-Hicks, maintains a solo studio in an old railroad freight depot on an abandoned sidetrack in Jackson. “The actual address is 200 Commerce St., above Hal & Mal’s,” she says. 

“Much of my work includes kiln-fired enamels and features precious stones and freshwater pearls,” she says. “As a professional silversmith and jewelry artist, I’m always looking for venues through which I can sell my work. But more than that, I’m looking for the right kind of venues — stores and galleries that promote high-quality, handcrafted artisan work. 

“Because these are the venues that don’t just sell items,” she says. “These are the venues that educate buyers about the different art forms and about what goes into making different pieces. 

"These are the venues that share information about the artists and about the works, and that educate, encourage and actually create enthusiastic art collectors.” 

Among Lil McKH Jewelry items sold through the Ohr-O’Keefe store are sterling silver and freshwater pearl earrings, antique Asian coin cufflinks, sterling silver custom word rings (which feature words such as “hope, love, joy” and “imagine, dream, believe”), along with kiln-fired enamel bracelets and earrings, and sterling silver filigree and lapis necklaces. 

“Part of the mission of the Ohr-O’Keefe Museum is ‘to exhibit works (that) exemplify the independent, innovative and creative spirit of George Ohr.' I see the museum store carrying that mission a step further by featuring, promoting and selling the works of Mississippi’s contemporary professional artists who carry on and exemplify that same independent, innovative and creative spirit.” 

“We have such a wealth of artistic and literary creativity within Mississippi,” she says, “and it’s important that we support, encourage, promote and grow that. It can be, and is, of economic value. 

“More and more, people are searching for unique and handcrafted works of art that speak to their souls, that speak to who they are. As artists, we create these works that bubble up and speak from our own souls. And when these pieces connect with the viewer or the buyer, there is an excitement in that connection.” 

Link to full article: Mississippi Press Register, One-Stop Shopping, 2011

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