Excerpt from Article in Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal

Gum Tree Festival Time (By M. Scott Morris, Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, 2011) 

... Newcomer 

After 20 years in the advertising and public relations business, Lil McKinnon-Hicks decided it was time for a new path. 

She’s been a jewelry maker, silversmith and enamelist for the past seven years. 

“It’s evolved into full time,” the Jackson resident said. “It’s five days a week in the studio.” 

McKinnon-Hicks said that in the past two years, her work reached a level of quality that encouraged her to apply to the GumTree Festival. This is her first time to take part. 

“I’ve heard good things about it,” she said. “This is, from what I understand, one of the premiere art festivals in the state.” 

After those kind words, remember McKinnon-Hicks used to be in public relations. 

Then again, maybe it was the artist in her doing the talking. 

“Jewelry doesn’t talk back like clients used to,” she said. “If it did talk back, I’d get out my hammers and torches and take care of it.” 

Link to full article: North East Mississippi Daily Journal, Gum Tree Festival Time Article, 2011

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